Terms of Copyright

  1. Documents may be reproduced in any quantity, so long as: 1) the documents are not sold or used within a context which brings a profit and/or is non-educational in nature, and 2) the documents have the copyright information printed clearly on the document, containing my name and year of last revision.

  2. If documents are reproduced and altered, I should be made aware for such changes at the address listed below. Note: altering the document does not chance copyright ownership.

  3. Electronic media should be left unaltered, concerning any source code, including, but not limited to, comments and functions that may be removed with changing functionality.

  4. Should any questions arise, they should be addressed before reproduction of documents.

  5. Any reproduction outside of the above stated terms must be approved by myself. I may be reached via email at david AT davecoss.com. Note: I do not waive copyright by not replying to request.

Copyright 2009 David Coss